Successful Partnerships

Thabong Group's success is as a result of its strategic partners, who bring various skillsets that enable us to continuously provide bespoke and innovative services to our clients.


Our collaboration with Biyela Inc. Attorneys ensures that our clients' construction legal matters are professionally attended to. Biyela Inc's specialisation in construction law ensures that the administration of the JBCC, NEC, GCC and/or FIDIC is well interpreted based on the prevailing circumstances.


CLIQ Agency is our knowledge and innovation partner, collaborating with us in the development of strategy and business model enhancement to ensure innovation and efficiency for all our clients.


Procore is our all-in-one construction software solution partner, that helps firms around the world save time and money, while gaining project control and visibility. As a trusted Procore Partner we will be supporting our construction customers locally. We believe that features such as Procore’s unlimited user model and industry leading mobile application will make a huge difference to our construction customers.


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